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Gardens of Eagan…roof

We managed to avoid the wind and erect the roof trusses on our first building at the Gardens of Eagan project. When the winds are gusting as they have been the past few days it gets to be a challenge [...]

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West side addition

Work at our Northfield West side addition has moved along very nicely in the past week. The exterior painting is just about completed and the interior drywall has been finished. We are now working on [...]

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New home….Passive House

Last week we started work on a really interesting and fun new home project. It is the construction of a new home using the Passive House standards. Passive House standards take home building to a whol [...]

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Gardens of Eagan

Our work on the new buildings for the Gardens of Eagan is well underway. It took several days to get all the site work completed, but it has been done now. We have a new driveway in from the east that [...]

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Basement finishing

We started another basement finishing project last week. As with many of the finished basements in Northfield, this basement got soaked earlier this summer due to the heavy rains. So our first task wa [...]

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Wedge Coop buildings

Last week we started site work for two new buildings for the Wedge food cooperative. These are located north of Northfield on land the coop owns where they raise vegetables and food crops. Our first [...]

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EMS Remodeling

Over the past weeks we have done quite a bit of remodeling for the ambulance service. They purchased and will be moving into the former Northfield Construction Company building. Now that our new offic [...]

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West Side Addition

Our carpenters have moved along nicely with our West side addition project. Last week the roofing was installed. This  house has eave returns on the gable ends so we replicated those returns. They ar [...]

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Northfield High School

We completed our loading dock project at the Northfield High School on schedule. I know the staff will really appreciate having all the bins for recycling, food waste, etc. But the folks that really w [...]

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Montessori Children’s House

We are making a few modifications at the Northfield Montessori Children’s House school. One of the rooms had a small window on one side that the staff wanted enlarged. We cut out the small win [...]

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