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Passive House

The roof decking has all been installed on our Passive house project. The house has unequal roof pitches. This was done to provide a steep pitch to the south for future photovoltaic electric panels. Y [...]

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Small Toilet Room

We are creating a small toilet room for a West side client. The older home does not have a bathroom on the main level. So we are claiming part of an existing pantry area and making the toilet room. We [...]

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East Side Remodeling

We are winding up our work in the basement at our East side remodeling project. The new stair has been installed and works quite well. It was a lot of work to remove portions of the stone foundation, [...]

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Kenyon Sunset Home

Our work at the Kenyon Sunset Home continues. We finished our first phase of work just before Christmas. We then used the next few days to get set up for the second phase of the project. This phase re [...]

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East Side remodeling

We have started work on some remodeling work for a client on the East side of Northfield. Most of our work is focused on energy improvements. But we also are making their basement area more useable. O [...]

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Passive House Roof

We set all the roof¬†trusses on the Passive House we are working on. Our carpenters are just now finishing the roof decking. One pitch of the house…the front face…is fairly steep with a 12 [...]

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Kenyon Sunset Home, Phase One

Today we finished up phase one of our work at the Kenyon Sunset Home. The architect and owners did their final inspection prior to occupancy of this phase. In short order they will move residents into [...]

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Passive House…setting trusses

Today we started setting the roof trusses on the second floor of the Passive House that we are constructing. It is a perfect day to do such work as there is no wind and the temperature is rather mild. [...]

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Crossing Condominium

Last Friday we started work finishing another unit at The Crossings condominium in Northfield. This is one of the two bedroom, two bathroom units on the west side of the building. Because it is on the [...]

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Winter Walk in Northfield

Last night was the Winter Walk community event in Northfield. The temperatures were mild and it was a lovely evening to be strolling around on Division Street seeing people and vendors. I attended wit [...]

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