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Unfinished Basement

How to Finish an Unfinished Basement

You’re considering remodeling your basement, maybe to add more value to your home or maybe to give your family extra space to grow. Either way, you’re not quite sure the type of remodel yo [...]

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Remodel vs Renovation

Remodel vs. Renovation

What’s the difference between remodeling and renovation? Aren’t they essentially the same thing? Both remodeling and renovating mean to make improvements on an existing building or home. H [...]

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Little Library

Little Library in the Woods

This past weekend Ellen and I were at our lake cottage. Earlier in the week I made a “Little Library” to mount at the end of our driveway. Since it was being mounted in a cabin area I made [...]

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Residential Construction_July_1

West Side New Home | Residential Construction | Northfield, MN

We have started¬†to install the roof trusses on the new home we are constructing on Northfield’s West side. We completed the floor system, exterior walls and sheathing and most of the interior w [...]

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Laura Baker Northfield MN

Laura Baker Services | Commercial Construction Project

With the roof watertight on Cottage #1 we are moving on to interior framing. The interior framing for these two new buildings is light gauge steel. Steel framing is strong and perfectly straight, resu [...]

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Bathroom Remodel_1

Creating Space in a Small Bathroom

One downside to having a smaller bathroom is a lack of space. Bulky features like a large bathtub or cabinets can leave you feeling a little confined. An excessive amount of toiletry items on the coun [...]

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Kitchen Remodel_1

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash not only functions as a great decorative piece, but can make kitchen messes easier to clean up, protecting your wall from damaging grease splatters and food particles. A backsplas [...]

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Crossing Unit Northfield_2

Crossing Double Unit | Update | Northfield, MN

We are finishing up the last few things at our Crossing Condominium double unit. This is a project where we combined two individual units into one large unit. The architect placed a gas see-through fi [...]

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Lego Family

Choosing the Right Color for Your Dining Room

Whether you’re looking to update the color of your dining room, or you’ve just finished a remodel, choosing the perfect palette for your dining room can be a fun and simple task. Color pla [...]

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Budget for a Remodel | Northfield Construction Company

Before you start a remodeling project, it will be important to determine the budget. Setting a budget will help you plan your project more efficiently. It will stop project costs from getting out of h [...]

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